Rock ‘n’ roll, rare guitars, vintage vinyl, and criminal mayhem.

“Write What You Know”

Word On The Street

She’s a Poptimist with a taste for the Beatles, I’m an old rocker

Photo by Mike from Pexels

Endless online debates about a beloved pop rock genre.

Some of the best high-energy songs about caffeine

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

An interview with music journalist and author, John M. Borack

Re-exploring a friend’s music 26 years after his tragic death

Popsicko (l-to-r): Mick Flowers, Keith Brown, Tim Cullen and Marko DeSantis. (Photo via Big Stir Records)

The psych pop troubadour has been blowing minds for 40+ years

One of Tom Petty’s best-known songs has been covered by everybody from Taylor Swift and the Killers, to Elle King and Gaslight Anthem

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

The Trouser Press co-founder’s new memoir explores his life as a music critic

Image by S.W. Lauden

Results & Reactions From Our Power Pop Bracket Contest

Image: S.W. Lauden

Here are the songs “No Matter What” had to beat:

  • Round 1: “Zero Hour” by the Plimsouls
  • Round 2: “Girl of my Dreams” by Bram…

S.W. Lauden

LA-based writer and drummer. I publish crime novels, and non-fiction essay collections about music. Medium focus: Music, Books, Culture. Twitter: @swlauden

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