Rock ‘n’ roll, rare guitars, vintage vinyl, and criminal mayhem.

“Write What You Know”

Word On The Street

She’s a Poptimist with a taste for the Beatles, I’m an old rocker

Photo by Mike from Pexels

Endless online debates about a beloved pop rock genre.

The author & drummer talks power pop, pub rock and books

Image: S.W. Lauden


A book, a film, and now an Apple TV series premiering April 30th

Photo by Simon Berger from Pexels

Got To Get Ourselves Back to the Garden

The classic power pop break up song is not what it seems

A mid-career slump delivered one of the band’s best albums

Photo by S.W. Lauden



This album is a short story master class

Photo by Stephen Niemeier from Pexels

S.W. Lauden

LA-based writer and drummer. I publish crime novels, and non-fiction essay collections about music. Medium focus: Music, Books, Culture. Twitter: @swlauden

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